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UK Trademark

Who can obtain a Trademark?

Anyone, irrespective of their nationality can obtain trademark of certain Word, Logo, Pattern, Sound, Multimedia etc

Why you need a Trademark?

Trademark protects your unique content from copying. By obtaining a trademark certificate, that specific content will officially become yours.

How long does it take to obtain a Trademark?

4 months on an average if no dispute is raised by Third Party

Five Simple Steps to obtain a Trademark

1. Search

Checking whether goods / service exists with similar name

2. Filing

Apply in the authorized IPO center, by providing proper details

3. Inspection

Application is minutely checked and verified. Takes 2 weeks for a response

4. Publication

Once cleared, your content gets publised in Trade Mark Journal for 2 months

5. Registration

Within 2 weeks of Publication, certificate is issued for you to use ® symbol

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