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Frequently asked questions

Here is the FAQ, designed to provide you with essential information about our services. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a readymade company, understanding nominee directorship, opening a UK high street bank account, forming a company in the USA, or managing accounting and bookkeeping, we’ve got you covered.

What is a readymade company?

A readymade company, also known as a shelf company, is a pre-registered company that has been dormant since its incorporation. It’s ready for immediate use, allowing you to start trading or use it for various purposes without having to go through the process of forming a new company from scratch.

What are the benefits of buying a readymade company?

Buying a readymade company saves time and effort compared to incorporating a new one. It enables you to establish a business presence quickly, access contracts or tenders that require a certain trading history, and gain credibility with clients and suppliers.

What is a UK shelf company?

A UK shelf company is a readymade company that has been registered in the UK but has not traded or conducted any business activities since its incorporation. It’s available for purchase and can be used immediately upon transfer of ownership.

What is a nominee director?

A nominee director is an individual appointed to act as the director of a company on behalf of another person or entity. They hold no actual authority or decision-making power and are appointed solely for administrative or privacy purposes.

Why would I need a nominee director?

You may need a nominee director if you wish to maintain anonymity or confidentiality regarding the ownership or management of your company. They can also be useful for non-residents who require a local director to meet legal requirements.

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