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Multi-Currency Bank Account

With a multi-currency account, you may deposit and withdraw cash in different currencies. It enables you to do transactions involving various currencies through a single platform. You need not open separate accounts in respective countries for each currency you deal with. A Foreign currency account helps reduce fees for currency exchanges and is perfect for managing different international transactions in one place. It is especially useful for frequent travelers and businesses who often transact in multiple countries.

  • Convenience

    Online digital bank accounts provide a convenient way to manage your finances from anywhere with internet access, saving you time and effort.

  • 24 X 7 Access

    From Anywhere and Anytime, customers can use Banking features. No waiting in long queues or holidays.

  • Pay Utility Bills

    No more lengthy process of paying utilities. Smooth gateway to transact online and settle your monthly expenses.

  • Reduce Transaction Cost

    A foreign currency account eliminates many of these extra charges, and you just need to pay a small single account fee

  • Enhanced Security

    High level of Data Encryption and Multi-Factor Authentication are now standard procedure. Any breach is strictly accessed.

  • Transfer money easily

    With an online bank account, transferring money between accounts couldn’t be simpler. In just a few clicks you can send money.

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Who is eligible to open an multi-currency bank account?

Different online banks have different eligibility criteria, but typically you’ll need to : 1. Be aged 16 or over 2. Live permanently in the UK 3. Have a form of identification such as a passport or driving licence 4. Have access to a smartphone

Is Multi-Currency account right for me?

If you want to open and manage your current account with a smartphone app, an online bank account could be a good fit for your needs. As long as you’re confident using the app, it can be considerably more convenient than visiting a physical branch with limited opening hours. However, these accounts may not be the best solution if you prefer to do your banking in person, don’t have reliable access to a smartphone, or regularly make cash deposits.

What are the required documents to open a Multi-Currency account?

To open a UK bank account, you’ll need two documents: one to prove your identity and one to prove your address. This applies both in-branch and online. Proving your identity is simple. You just need your passport, driving licence or identity card (if you’re an EU national). You’ll also have to prove your address by providing another document. Every bank has its own list of documents that are acceptable as proof of address. Broadly speaking, these include: a tenancy agreement or mortgage statement; a recent electricity or gas bill (less than 3 months old); a recent (less than 3 months old) bank or credit card statement that’s not printed off the internet; or a current council tax bill.

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